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Very Lo-Fi Christmasparty

without the nose-cut ^^


i bought a cheap 5 euro wannabe holga and tested it on our christmas party.

it’s quite allright, but in between, i had a little focus problem and some picutres in a row are very blury…

see the very lo-fi results:

Linda & Chris


Blur - I Like It Anyway




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Bella Roma

after my horror trip to south korea i was so lucky to have a short trip to the beautiful rome with my younger brother. i had three cameras with me (my yashica electro 35fc, beirette (both sold in the meantime… and my smena 8m), so don’t wonder when there are more pics of the same thing… i was experimenting ^^

i am afraid of hights but i am glad i overcame my fear and looked down from st. peters dome, because its a stunning view and last time i went there i went all the stairs up, and without viewing what is out there i went down again. i absolutley loved it this time ❤


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